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Sabiha Foster

Sabiha works at the intersection of technology, science, design, activism and art.

Sabiha Malik founded The World Bee Project CIC in 2014 to to use AI and novel technologies to initiate a global perspective, addressing pollinator and biodiversity decline, food insecurity, climate change and threats to human wellbeing as the single interactive, interconnected challenge confronting humanity.

Sabiha feels that bees lie at the heart of the relationships that bind the natural and human worlds and in safeguarding bees lies the means to safeguard life itself.

Sabiha works at the intersection of technology, science, design, activism  and art, and her concepts are the basis for The World Bee Project’s successes to date, grounded in technology and science but drawing on the full richness of human imagination to help activate socially and environmentally conscious solutions.

She is the founder of the UK charity Sanghata Global, and founder and key designer of its Frontier Market Scouts (FMS) entrepreneurship education program for which she was awarded the 2013 Ashoka U Innovation Award. At its inception in 2007, Sabiha was an associate founder at Singularity University, NASA Ames, California. Previously, she was strategic adviser, director and designer at the architecture firm Foster and Partners, and contributed design concepts for winning entries in international competitions, including for the extension to the Joslyn Museum, Omaha, and the re-design of the Reichstag, Berlin. Sabiha founded ‘Diamonds for Humanity’, and in 2000 designed jewellery collections for De Beers. She is a member of the Open-ended Network of IPBES Stakeholders.


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