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Rodney Flowers

Rodney is the Founder and President of Inspirational Endeavors, LLC.

Rodney’s mission is to serve as an example of what’s possible and teach others how to develop a mindset of resilience to conquer any obstacle, overcome limiting beliefs, and achieve personal, professional, and business goals. Flowers leverages his unique life experience and business acumen to help individuals, teams and organizations cultivate resilience, crush their goals, and achieve peak performance. He combines his expertise and charisma to drive audiences to take courageous action regardless of their current limitations or challenges which he accomplishes via his books, coaching and mentoring programs, corporate trainings, and speaking engagements.

Rodney Flowers is a compelling storyteller, acclaimed resilience trainer, and international bestselling author. His soul-stirring message inspires individuals and organizations to take courageous action toward realizing their highest professional and personal potential.

When a fateful tackle left him lying motionless on the 40-yard line, doctors told Rodney he would never walk again. It took eighteen years, but in the face of paralyzing fear and self-doubt, he found the strength to defy the odds. Now he’s a dynamic voice for the game-changing power of grit, hope, and resilience.

Rodney’s singular mission is to share the skills, tools, and strategies that carried him through the darkest period of his life. He instills his audiences with the knowledge and insight they need to develop unstoppable resilience and bounce back from any challenge. Every situation. Every time. No matter what.


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