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Michael Borkin, N.M.D.

Peace Ambassador, Bali Indonesia.

MICHAEL Borkin, N.M.D., has developed an international reputation for his extensive research and clinical experience in the areas of epigenetics and anti-ageing.  Dr. Borkin’s emphasis on endocrine and neuro-transmitter regulation led to the development of unique non-invasive diagnostic and treatment protocols that dramatically increases both patient acceptance and treatment success rates as objectively measured by reductions in deviations of hormone and neuro-transmitter levels from normal levels.

Dr. Borkin developed a private, non-invasive and easy to use diagnostic regimen utilizing saliva and urine testing that enabled patients to conveniently provide their own diagnostic materials for laboratory analysis.

Dr. Borkin created a laboratory analysis process that utilizes sophisticated mass spectrometry, liquid chromatography technology (LC,MS,MS) to provide data that is used to develop treatment protocols that are unique to each individual’s circumstances.       

Dr. Borkin then developed unique, through the skin, “trans-dermal” delivery mechanisms in the forms of skin creams, lotions, and soaps.  The trans-dermal delivery systems bypass the gastro-intestinal tract and liver which are often unable to metabolize corrective hormones, nutrients, vitamins and minerals because of damage to these organ systems that is accumulated during the ageing process. 

The diagnostic methodologies facilitate ease of measurement of progress through periodic non-invasive testing.  Treatment protocols are modified periodically to meet each individual’s changing needs.  After treatment is complete, as demonstrated by hormone and neuro-transmitter levels, a maintenance program is developed for each individual to continue his or her optimum metabolic health.

Dr. Borkin’s expertise in the convenient, user-friendly diagnosis and treatment of many metabolic deficits that accelerate the ageing process places him in a position of global leadership in anti-ageing and life extension.

Dr. Borkin  has been in professional practice since 1981. Considered the “Father of Naturopathic Endocrinology,” he was responsible for establishing the board specialty and authored the first National Board in Endocrinology for the American Naturopathic Medical Certification & Accreditation Board in Washington, DC. In 1998

he began development of a transdermal delivery system designed to deliver hormones and nutriceuticals. In 1996 he established Market Resource International to market these transdermal formulas to the medical community.

Presently, Dr. Borkin is Director of Research of Sabre Sciences, Inc., the company he co-founded in 1999 with Victor Salerno. Sabre Sciences is a leading laboratory for salivary analysis of hormones and electrolytes, as well as a manufacturer of advanced transdermal delivery systems. With more than 30,000 patients to date, Sabre Science’s “Evidence-Based Approach” has proven the efficacy of the use of transdermal hormonal crèmes for the treatment of hormonal imbalances and dysfunctions related to stress. Dr. Borkin is also Research Director of the National Institute of Endocrine Research.

In 2000, Dr. Borkin developed a certification program entitled “Natural Approaches to Endocrinology,” which he has provided to doctors throughout the United States. The program allows physicians of all disciplines to study Naturopathic Endocrinology and qualifies them to sit for the National Boards. For his professional training programs, Dr. Borkin describes his goal as “to guide physicians to see their patients with eyes that recognize the core of dysfunction, and not allow symptoms to mislead and misdirect the development of an effective protocol.”

Dr. Borkin is also known for his development of innovative manipulative therapies employed by hundreds of naturopaths, chiropractors and dentists. In 1987 he developed Neuro Emotional Sensory Training (NEST), a technique that increases healing capabilities through mind-body integration. Later Dr. Borkin developed Quantum Magnetic Manipulation (Q2M), a three-dimensional technique that utilizes magnetic energy as a means of diagnosing and treating all forms of dysfunction, from its emotional origin to its corresponding musculoskeletal manifestation. In the early 1990s, Dr. Borkin incorporated Heart Rate Variability (HRV) into a system he named Autonomic Equalization (AE), which allows the practitioner to manipulate autonomic activity and normalize sympathetic and parasympathetic activity while using computer verification.

From 1993 to 1997, Dr. Borkin was President of the California State Naturopathic Medical Association, a chapter of the American Naturopathic Medical Association. 

In 2002, Dr. Borkin was inducted into the Alternative Medicine Hall of Fame, as the youngest inductee ever so honored.

In December of 2016 Dr. Borkin became a Peace / Health Ambassador of Bali and served this post until December of 2019. 

Today Dr. Borkin is scientific director for “Excell Biotechnologies”, “Borkin Laboratories” and “The Applied Longevity Group” and is dedicated full time to Research.


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